Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I mentioned the word passion on my previous post.
What is passion?
 I believe passion is the essence of any kind of art. In my writing life passion is the intense desire to create something with words. It is attached to discipline. Discipline is what helps you to attain your goals.
  My main goal is to read and write something meaningful. Let me be clear on this:  my passion is not to convince people to read what I write.
 Working on your creative passion brightens the shore of your island. It invites you to see the world through refreshed eyes.
  I also believe that being passionate is about being sensitive. Our societies may mock sensitivity and there is a general trend to believe that being sensitive means being weak. I disagree.
  Being sensitive makes you stronger. Being sensitive is about feeling the world under your skin. This does not make you weak. It makes you more compassionate and mindful, and it invites you to expand in different directions and to embrace the bittersweet side of life.
    Being passionate encourages you to create ripples that will reach the shore of other islands and universes.
  Working on your creative passion makes you feel the heat of spring amid the winter; it brings you a cool breeze in the summer. It’s like holding onto a raft in the turbulent waters of life.
    Working on your creative passion enables you to grow flowers in the desert and it infuses you with the resilience of a weed that survives a drought. Your passionate creativity transports you to diverse settings and will enhance your own identity by pouring over you a different one.
  There’s a time to feel sad and a time to feel happy, and the pain of different situations opens up bridges and highways to other souls. You need your solitude just as you need your time to share a part of yourself with others.
   Being passionate is what allows you to appreciate the beauty around you and to celebrate each second of your life because being sensitive is about being alive. (If you can’t feel pain, you are not as alive as you think you are).
  Being passionate is about conjuring up a world of possibilities under the rocks that you encounter in your journey. Working on your passion is like being inhabited by a population of birds in the core of your being. You watch the birds fly away in different directions, and you feel the bliss of knowing that a part of you exists in those birds while your feet are happily dancing on the ground.


  1. So true. No use even trying to write without passion.

  2. So true. I have to agree with Misha.

  3. Hi Julia .. that certainly applies to my blogging - it has certainly brightened and opened new doors to the world in which I live and from which I've learnt, and taught myself lots of history and learnt to look at life in a different way ..

    So true - cheers Hilary

  4. "passion is the essence of any kind of art"

  5. Lovely writing, so many poignant images. This post is a perfect illustration of the kind of creative passion you're talking about.

  6. Passion ... I think passion is what keeps any artist going on a rainy day and sees us through when things don't quite work out the way we planned :-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Beautiful post! Makes me want to throw open the windows and shout "huzzah"! Life is GOOD! Thank you lovely Julia! Take care

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments...


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