Tuesday, June 11, 2013


  One thing does not exist: Oblivion
  God saves the metal and he saves the dross,
  And his prophetic memory guards from loss
  The moons to come, and those of evenings gone.

   Everything is: the shadows in the glass
   Which, in between the day's two twilights, you
   Have scattered by the thousands, or shall strew
   Henceforward in the mirrors that you pass.
   And everything is part of that diverse
   Crystalline memory, the universe;
   Whoever through its endless mazes wanders
   Hears door on door click shut behind his stride,
   And only from the sunset's farther side
   Shall view at last the Archetypes and the Splendors.

    Jorge Luis Borges. Translated by Richard Wilbur

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Online resources for writers

I've gathered a few websites for writers. I’m sure every writer will find something of value on this blog post.
Have fun navigating the sites!

Freelance writing This site offers job listings, literary contests and interesting articles.

www.oncewritten.com This site gives you tips on how to publish and promote your book, opportunities and contests.

copyright.gov   All you need to know about copyright issues, rules and regulations is here.

Critique Circle   If you need feedback on your work this online literary group is the one I recommend.  In the past I tried different literary groups and I settled for this one. Their system is wonderful and easy to use.  It is password protected, so the work you share is only available to cc members.

http://startbloggingonline.com/  This website if for those who want to learn more about the art of blogging.