Sunday, April 29, 2012

Corporal expression and creativity

 During the five weeks I spent in Argentina I had the opportunity to attend a few classes of corporal expression. Corporal expression is an art in which the body is the medium to express emotions and the interaction between the inner self and the environment. It can be done with or without music.
 At the beginning I was stifled by inhibitions but, after a while, I was able to connect with the language that my body needed to express.
 This art affords us the opportunity to explore our emotions and materialize them through creative body movements. It is an artistic way of communicating with the world, just like music, dance, painting, literature.
   In addition to all the benefits that any form of exercise can provide, we enjoy the precious creative aspect of it. The impact on my  mood was very positive. All that fresh supply of blood to my brain was a precious gift to my writing habit.
When I came back to Wisconsin I decided to google "corporal expression" but most of what I found were websites about corporal expression in preschoolers and it left me wondering if adults are so much inhibited that we end up losing touch with this kind of art that allows us to connect our minds and bodies in meaningful ways.
   In Buenos Aires there is a a university career where you can get a degree in corporal expression. It takes five to six years to complete it.
   I wish I could find a place to do it once a week. It's something that both my mind and my body will be grateful for. If you are willing to learn more about corporal expression read this.