Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips on how to prevent writer's block

 I've learned these tips from other seasoned writers and from my own experience:
1) Read, read, read. Read what inspires you and what interests you. Life is too short to waste it reading what you find boring.
2) Write on a regular basis.
3) Before beginning a story, create an outline and a number of characters. Make your characters come to life by thinking about their own interests, motivations, conflicts, emotions, situations, relationships, dreams.
4) If you ever encounter writer's block take a break and come back later. Do something else, like going for a walk, reading or anything you like.
5) Allow yourself to write   without censoring your thoughts. Let everything flow out without correcting anything, but keep in mind your outline and goals. They will help you  get somewhere. Editing will be done later.
6) Learn new words on a regular basis. Doing this will sharpen your mind and enrich your own writing. (In my case, it also fuels my imagination. Don't ask me why. It just happens).
7) Be patient.
8) Eat a  balanced diet. Exercise. Sleep the number of hours that you need to stay rested and alert.
9) Observe the people, events, conflicts around you. Everything and everyone can be a source of inspiration. Keep your imagination at work.
10) Be persistent with your goals.
11) Read, read, read. Pay attention to what you like about other writers' work. We are constantly learning something about the craft.
 12) Changing sceneries can help the brain to come up with new ideas.
  Feel free to share more tips if you have something else in mind.
 Here is a link that I found interesting:
   Happy writing!


  1. Great tips! I never admit to writer's block. When I stop writing I know exactly what it is-- laziness and procrastination.

  2. Laziness and procrastination contribute to writer's block. That is why if we write regularly, the block never happens.

  3. Julia: Your writing tips are on the money! I am the newest follower to your terrific blog.

  4. Welcome JJ! I'm thrilled to have you as my follower. Happy New Year!

  5. Wonderful tips!! I tend to forget to look after my health when caught up in writing and that's something really important because when ill, I'm useless at anything creative! Thanks for these, take care

  6. Great Old Kitty. I'm glad you find it helpful. It's a good reminder, isn't it?

  7. I like these tips, especially the one about reading. I get writer's block a lot, but I think it's because I've tried to rush, which isn't good. Reading and doing free writing scraps helped.


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