Sunday, July 12, 2015

Living in a tree

The title of this post is not about a metaphor. It refers to "Luna and Me",  the true story of a woman called Julia Butterfly Hill who saved the life of a one thousand -year -old Redwood tree by living in it for two years.
 Julia volunteered to sit in Luna for 3-4 weeks in December 1997 with the support of her ground team, but she ended up staying for two years. During this time she endured personal fears, intimidation from loggers, fierce storms, frostbite and many more challenges.

Julia became a powerful voice for sustainable forestry and the integrity of the planet.
 The illustrations of this book are delightful and as inspiring as the story itself.
 This book was printed on paper from responsible, FSC-certified sources.
 Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw is the author and illustrator of "Luna and Me" and this is what she said about the story:
 "This is a story of strength, endurance, teamwork, commitment and love. Luna still stands today as a beacon of hope for the ancient forests."

 I find these trees intriguing. They date back to the time of dinosaurs and are the largest living organisms on earth.
 Their roots hug the roots of other Redwood trees to stand strong.

Here's an interesting video...

 You can learn more about these forests by visiting