Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thank you

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength."~ Sigmund Freud

 I want to thank all the people who took the time to read and comment on my previous post. It takes energy and wisdom to face the facts. I also appreciated your feedback. I replied to all your comments today.
  From now on I will be publishing a post every Saturday; my plan is to keep a regular schedule for this blog. (I may add a post on a weekday occasionally, but this is not going to happen very often.)
  This is the poem I selected this month. It was written by Karen Little. I also want to thank all the poets who submit to Southern Pacific Review.
 It is an honor to read your poetry.
    Till next Saturday.


  1. Hi Julia. I’ve been busy and behind on my blog reading. Catching up now and just read your previous (and very excellent) post!

    I really like your idea of keeping a regular blogging schedule. I ought to do that! Very much enjoyed Karen Little’s poem. Do you think she’s writing about a dog here, losing one and gaining another? That’s how I understood it and I could relate. It's a beautiful poem.

    1. Hi Madilyn. I thought she was writing about somebody that means a lot to her. It could be a dog or a friend. I believe that she was disappointed and was afraid to befriend another person due to a painful past experience that she had. That's my interpretation. From now on I would like to ask the poets to give us a line or two about their poem. I've always been against this but now I believe it may help to entice readers.
      Thank you for reading the poem and for commenting.


I appreciate each and every comment. Thank you.