Wednesday, June 11, 2014


"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and ... snap! The job is a game." 
Mary Poppins
I agree with Mary Poppins, and so do the robins that live in a our house.
Can you see one of the baby Robins staring at me? Every year  a new couple of robins choose our home to build their nest.
 This year their location –or I should say one of them, because we have multiple nests attached to our home- enabled us to watch the parents raising their offspring. No documentary would be better  than the experience of being so close to them... here is a very brief video of the babies.

Two years ago we had a nest built by the Say's Phoebe. 

 They do have a predilection for porch roofs near the door- and this is what they did in our house two years ago. 

 By the way, when I was writing this post on the deck I spotted a mother deer breastfeeding her baby. What a beautiful scene. A mother breastfeeding her baby.( Sorry, I couldn't take a picture of them.)

  I've always been impressed by the variety of birds that live here, in Western Wisconsin. On one of my recent visits to the ecopark I popped into the local library and borrowed this book to learn more about the birds that I see on a regular basis. 

The creeper's way of foraging always captivated me: starting at the base of a large tree, it spirals up the trunk, poking into bark crevices, until it reaches the first large branches, at which point it flies to the base of a nearby tree and starts over. You can watch the bird do this a few times before he disappears. They eat insects, larvae, spiders and their eggs from the bark crevices.

Two months ago I was delighted by the visit of a cardinal. He perched on our deck for a few seconds before he flew away. I know he was a male bird because the male is completely red except for a small black mask and  chin. 

The kind of hummingbird that we can find here is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. They have a feisty personality and aggressively defend their nectar source from others. You can find some astounding pictures of hummingbirds here.

 They feed on nectar, small insects and spiders. 

Have you been watching any birds lately?


  1. How wonderful that you have birds so near! We have a robin who has nested on a ledge of our shed, and we think there may be babies that have hatched. Our grandchildren were able to witness the "first flight" process of babies from a nearby nest where they live.

    1. Lovely.
      My daughter also witnessed their first flight. This nest is deserted. Now there is a new nest and they are expecting...

  2. Hi Julia - what a lovely scene you create ... I don't think we've ever had birds nesting at our houses and now I definitely don't -but saw some swallows build their mud nests in the Transkei - far from home here!

    We have thugs out here .. and I mean it .. horrid crows eating everything .. and seagulls - they not the best either .. thankfully a few blackbirds and some varieties of tits dart in and out .. but we used to have more before the crows moved in - they are thugs, that I mean!!!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Crows are interesting... I read they are intelligent.
      Thank you for your feedback, Hilary!

  3. Amazing pictures Julia, we have a blackbird in the garden, who likes to get up on the t.v. ariel, and chirp his heart out. Also lots of sparrows, and a few blue tits. None so colourful as yours though.

    1. I hope your enjoying their singing, Susan!
      Thank you for your visit!

  4. Julia, I absolutely Love this post; I love birds! I love watching birds and taking pictures of them when I can. How wonderful to have robins building their nests around your home, especially where you’re able to watch the parents raising the baby birds. And what a great education for your daughter! I agree that no documentary is better than the real experience. Great little video, thank you for sharing it. Awesome about seeing the mother deer breastfeeding her baby!

    Nice about the Say’s Phoebe too. We don’t have that pretty little bird in my area. We don’t have the creeper either, that’s an interesting bird. We do have robins and cardinals but no nests that are close to my house. That’s a beautiful picture of a male cardinal. I see hummingbirds from time to time, so beautiful and so fast! We always have lots of sparrows, starlings and crows.

    A catbird family has a nest in a barberry bush near our garden shed. And Carolina wrens are nesting in a little birdhouse in our maple tree. I am always watching birds!

    1. Yes, you posted some beautiful pictures of birds not too long ago, Jersey.
      It is a good educational experience for my daughter.

  5. Hi Julia,

    The magic, the wonder of nature, the inspiration that the birds doth bring to the heart and soul. I sense a connection of the interaction of a peaceful environment intertwined just outside your home.

    A wonderful experience for your beloved daughter and for you. So many lovely birds to see. Hummingbird, don't fly away, fly away...

    In peace and flights above the clouds,

    Gary :)

    1. Sadly, no hummingbirds where I live. Have fun humming along with a hummingbird.

      I shall now fly back to England...................

    2. No, but seriously, there was a hummingbird singing while I wrote my comment.
      OK, I will send you one then! haha.


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