Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting today. Who am I?

   I am a writer. I have been working hard in my cocoon for a long time, and  I feel it is the right time  to connect to the world through the art of blogging. I belong to a writing group and I read as much as I can, both classical and contemporary writers.
   I would love to share thoughts on the books I read on a regular basis.
    I hope that, through my regular blogging and networking, I will enrich others and will be enriched by others' ideas, posts and comments.
    I will be writing about creativity, the art of publishing, critiquing, and stories  that come across my life on a regular basis.
     I also believe that our personal choices and words can have an impact on the world we live in, so I will strive to share ideas on how to lead a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.
   Thank you for visiting my blog!
   May 2011 bring joy, happiness, health, peace and so much more.

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