Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let's switch off the labels

 I signed up my daughter to the summer reading program at the library.  Every week we are given a sheet with activities that kids are encouraged to do:
1)    Read for 20 minutes in the comfiest spot you can find
2)    Dance around the house
3)    Check out books at the library
4)    Read a non-fiction book
5)    Donate food
6)    If you were a superhero who would your villain be?
  I ignore  the activities about superheroes against villains. There are a lot of them. Why do we have to turn our kids into "superheroes" that seek "villains"? 
 Psychologists say that people with borderline personality disorder see people as either “good” or “bad”. Do our societies have a borderline personality disorder?
 Literature is not about a narrow-minded cartoon. Why do they associate books with fights between "superheroes" and "villains"? They must have got stuck in their television mindset. Please, switch off the labels.
     Dictators like Adolf Hitler loved labels, and so did their followers.
     As I write this post I remember a quote from from Cat's Cradle, a social satire by Kurt Vonnegut.
“It was the belief of Bokonon that good societies could be built only by pitting good against evil, and by keeping the tension between the two high at all times.”