Saturday, May 5, 2012

On why I like George Orwell

 My favorite writers are those who seem to talk to me on a personal level. They either put into words something I'd like to express myself, or they reveal a lot about human nature. I also admire writers who dare to reveal new insights and ideas that leave me reflecting after I finish the read. Those books can spark an inner transformation; they have a spiral thought-provoking effect that leads to new insights and thoughts.
   I feel relieved to read their work, as if I were finding a new friend with whom I can share my own reflections. This happens to me every time I sit to read George Orwell's stories and essays. I am now reading Down and Out in Paris and London and I'm planning to read more of his books.
    I recently finished '1984' and 'Animal Farm'. Both are thought-provoking stories and I appreciate his way of revealing so much about the dynamics of the societies he portrays. There is a timeless universality in them. Here is an essay I wrote about these tales and I analysed their interesting similarities. Enjoy it.

1984 and Animal Farm


  1. Yes, I love that feeling too. When I read a book that makes me think, I wish is would never end. :)

  2. Last year I read Animal Farm again. Your essay made for an interesting read.

  3. Hokeydina: you are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.
    Michelle: Yes, some books are like that.
    Rachna: I'm glad to know you read Animal Farm recently...

  4. Very nice reviews of two of my favorite books. I tweeted it.

  5. I recently did a post on 1984.

    ***I can't find your e-mail address*** Please e-mail me so I e-mail you back.

  6. Elizabeth: I feel honored to learn that you liked my reviews. Thank you so much for sharing them!
    Richard: My e-mail is (I could not find yours either). I will have to check that post!

  7. 1984 and Animal Farm are among my absolute favourite reads. They still traumatise me and these days I re-read them with caution as the heartbreak and horror are as palpable as ever!

    Thanks for the link to your fab essay and review on these books!

    Take care

  8. You are welcome, Old Kitty. I should rewrite this blog entry, though, because Orwell made some racist comments in the book I finished reading (Down and Out in Paris and London). So even though I like Orwell's writing, I don't agree with everything he writes. Don't miss my next review! Ciao.


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