Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fiction... or non-fiction?

 As you know, I like to write short stories and some of them are based on reality. Then I create scenes and situations that are born from my imagination.
  My last story, however, is a true one from beginning to end. I used my imagination to present the characters vividly, to weave the scenes into it  and to create a nice flow. I worked hard to make the characters and the settings come to life as I visited my past with fresh eyes and a naive perspective. But the reality is that I did not make it up. It really happened and I can't deny it. (I wrote it in second person to create some distance from the character that represents me).
 My question for you is : how do you, as writers, decide to call something "fiction" as opposed to "creative non-fiction" when it is a true story? Do you allow yourselves to be exposed?
 Is it okay to call a piece "fiction" when it is "non-fiction"?
 I am curious to learn your opinion on this matter.