Monday, December 26, 2011

A Literary Christmas

 The beauty of reading a good anthology is in the opportunity they give me to come across interesting authors. I wrote a review of A Literary Christmas for GringoLandiaSantiago. Here is the link to it:


  1. Hello there! Thanks for the review of this anthology. Have a happy New Year! Take care

  2. Hello Julia. Thank you for following my blog. I love anthologies and plan to publish one of my own this year. I will read your review.


  3. Thanks, Denise. I hope you will enjoy reading the review, and I look forward to learning more about your anthology.

  4. I love anthologies, Julia. I hope to get my own anthology published soon. I have written two of them.

  5. Hi, I just stopped in to check out your blog. I like the banner. Wish I had a place like that to ride a bike on a regular basis. :)

  6. Rachna, good luck with your anthology! I intuit 2012 will be a meaningful year, and we will make it meaningful.
    Cindy,thanks for commenting on the banner. That picture was taken in Door County, Wisconsin.


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