Sunday, July 24, 2011

Choosing a home for my short stories.

    As a writer and a  reader of short stories I'm always on the hunt for literary journals that I like. Every time I choose a literary journal, I make sure that their purpose resonates with mine. I have a preference for thought-provoking stories and memorable characters that leave me thinking long after I've finished reading them. I  even find myself longing to talk  with somebody about it because there is so much to discuss.
    I love stories when I  can connect with the characters in some way, when the theme is meaningful to me. (Not connecting with a story means I am not the right audience for it. That's all).
     I also tend to like characters who push boundaries, and I like them even more if they are touched by the world they live in . In other words, social and political matters add to it. Reading literature is not about living in a vacuum, so I appreciate stories that place the character in a specific social and cultural situation.
     Reading a good story is like going on a journey or visiting a city. I am eager to explore every corner, park, and secret. I don't want to be treated like an ordinary tourist. I'd rather become a resident during my short stay and be in the character's shoes.
    The best stories to me are the ones that carry me away not just to a certain emotional situation, but also to a specific location that becomes so vivid and colorful in my mind that it ends up leaving an imprint. Two days ago, for example, I read "Ice" by Lily Tuck. The story is about a married couple who takes a trip to Antarctica. It became so real to me that I could think of nothing but icebergs and ships; a nice relief to the heat wave we are going through, by the way.
     Let me know about your stories- or trips. Where have they been taking you lately?


  1. Julia, when I finish reading a story, I feel I should regret leaving those characters behind. Currently, I'm reading a story set in Trinidad and now feel as if these are people I know.

  2. Your comment is very interesting. When I connect with the characters of a story, I feel I have met them in person, so I can understand what you mean. Enjoy your time in Trinidad then!

  3. Hi Julia,
    I hope you're well.
    Hey there,
    I've just dropped by to let you know I've elected you for an award. Pick it up here and have a lovely day:


  4. I admire what you said about every time you choose a literary journal, you make sure that its purpose resonates with yours. That way both the journal editors and you will be truly happy. Wishing you a great weekend!

  5. I too like being transported inside a story so that I'm thinking about the locale and characters for a while after. Just took a trip to Trinidad through a novel, and I feel as if I've visited.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. I haven't been very active lately here because of a family emergency, but thanks for being there.

  7. Hi Julia...when I feel a sense of regret and loneliness after I put a book down then I know that I have connected with the story big time. A short story should transport me to the setting and I have to identify with the characters completely.

  8. Hey, Julia. I just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award. :D

  9. You can go here to claim it. ;)

  10. Hi Rachna.Yes, I enjoy those trips to the point of missing them when they are over. Ryan, thanks so much for the award. How exciting! I will go there and find out more.


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